Sex Discrimination & Harassment

At Doda McGeeney, we represent employees on sex discrimination and harassment issues.

The law forbids an employer from treating employees or job applicants less favorably, or discriminating against them, because of their sex or sexual orientation. Both male and female employees are protected by the law. Sex discrimination may come in many forms. The following are examples of some forms of sex discrimination:

  • A potential employer refuses to hire you for a job, not based upon your qualifications, but based upon your sex or sexual orientation.
  • Your employer treats you differently by paying you less than other employees of the opposite sex for performing the same job.
  • Your employer treats you differently by refusing to promote you or provide the same opportunities to you because of your sex or sexual orientation.
  • Your employer fires you or demotes you even though you are qualified for the job, and perform it better than other employees of the opposite sex.

Pregnancy Discrimination And Sexual Harassment

Pregnancy discrimination and sexual harassment are also forms of sex discrimination. An employer may not discriminate against an employee on the basis of pregnancy, child birth, and related medical conditions.

Sexual Harassment is another form of unlawful sex discrimination, and includes conduct such as unwelcome sexual advances, request for sexual favors, or verbal or physical harassment. Both men and woman are protected from sexual harassment. The sexual harassment crosses the line if the conduct is unwelcome, severe and pervasive. Many times, the harassment creates a hostile work environment.

Representing Employees

We handle charges of sexual harassment and claims of discrimination based on age, race, sex, disability, or sexual orientation. While termination or not being hired do not by themselves prove a claim, our lawyers can identify and present the signs of discrimination or harassment essential for establishing your case.

For employees who believe that they have experienced discrimination or harassment at work, we can advise you about your rights under state or federal law. If the facts indicate you have a strong claim, our experience allows us to choose between the state and federal courts, whichever gives you the better chance for a favorable resolution.

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Representing Employers

As business lawyers, we value the opportunity to advise employers about their legal obligations for maintaining a workplace free from discrimination or sexual harassment. Successful employee claims usually reflect the employer's lack of understanding about preventing, investigating and resolving employee complaints. We can help with that.

If you are an employer, we can review your current practices and let you know whether you are facing any particular risks under federal or Minnesota law. We can find cost-effective ways to minimize your potential liability or resolve specific problems.

For additional information about preventing, resolving, or pursuing employment discrimination or sexual harassment claims in southeast Minnesota, contact an experienced attorney at Doda McGeeney in Rochester.