Employers May Not Retaliate Against You For Complaining

It is a form of discrimination to retaliate against workers who protest harassment or who report harassment to state or federal agencies.

Employees who speak up about conditions in the workplace are commonly targeted and treated in a discriminatory way, such as by terminating them, transferring them to an undesirable position or location, or passing them over in promotions.

Retaliation Efforts Are Made For A Variety Of Reasons

These are just some of the issues that workers complain about and that provoke retaliation by employers:

Not All Mistreatment Amounts To Retaliation

Often, employees feel they have been treated unjustly or discriminated or retaliated against.

Not every unjust situation rises to the level of discrimination, harassment or retaliation. But we want to hear your story. If your case is strong, we will proceed aggressively to demand cessation of retaliation and compensation for your mistreatment.

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