Fight Back Against Wrongful Termination

Were you illegally fired from a job? Most firings feel wrong, that you were misunderstood or not given a fair chance. But most firings involve "at will" employees whom the employer is allowed to fire any time for almost any reason.

To qualify as an unlawful termination, one or more elements must be in place:

  • Discrimination. Employers may not fire you if belong to any of the protected groups under state and federal law. Your race, national origin, ethnicity, color, religion, religious beliefs, gender, sexual orientation, age, physical disability or mental disability may not be the reason for your termination. You are also protected if you are a recipient of public assistance (Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid).
  • Employment agreement. You signed an employment contract that spells out your rights in a termination. Contracts may stipulate that you be offered severance pay. Employers must honor these contracts to the letter.
  • Retaliation. Many times, employees are dismissed, transferred or not promoted because they reported or spoke up about issues like discrimination, unpaid hours, sexual harassment or failure to allow family or medical leave. If we can show that retaliation occurred, you will win your case.
  • Whistleblowing. This is a special kind of retaliation, where the employee calls attention to illegal or fraudulent conduct.

Minnesota is a good state in which to seek compensation for wrongful termination. Both state and federal law make very plain that discrimination, harassment and retaliatory actions are not to be tolerated.

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