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Southeast Minnesota Criminal Defense Attorneys

For dependable advice and aggressive representation in defense of your due process rights in any criminal case, contact a knowledgeable criminal trial lawyer at Doda & McGeeney in Rochester. We serve the needs of persons facing serious felony and misdemeanor charges from DUI to homicide throughout southeast Minnesota, from Northfield and Red Wing to Albert Lea and Winona.

Rochester criminal defense attorney James McGeeney began his career as a First Judicial District Public Defender concentrating on serious felony trials. Jim has extensive trial experience, having tried more than 30 cases, many to a jury. The sophisticated training and courtroom experience he obtained in this capacity now helps him provide highly effective client service in such cases as the following:

  • Homicide, aggravated assault and weapons charges
  • Drug crimes involving possession or distribution of methamphetamine and precursor chemicals, marijuana, cocaine, and unauthorized prescription drugs
  • Sex offenses ranging from child sex abuse to date rape or criminal sexual conduct involving exposure or penetration
  • Drunk driving charges from first-time DUI to repeat offenses involving fatal accidents
  • Property crimes such as criminal damage to property, auto theft, employee theft, check forgery, credit card fraud, or burglary
  • Domestic assault charges, including violation of a domestic violence order for protection (OFP) or harassment restraining orders
  • Asset forfeiture related to drug crimes or motor vehicle offenses
  • Juvenile delinquency petitions and probation violations
  • Petitions for expungement of criminal records

Whether your best defense involves plea negotiations or presentation of your case before a jury depends entirely on your personal situation and the evidence. We can help you contest adult certification in juvenile offenses, and determine your eligibility for extended juvenile jurisdiction (EJJ) status for young adults.

We always take care to identify and advise you about the collateral consequences of a conviction, whether it will affect your right to own a gun, qualify for a professional license or security clearance, or have other unintended consequences for your future. We also consider your eligibility for a stay of adjudication or deferred disposition, which basically means that you will not face prosecution for the current charge if you stay out of trouble for a certain period of time. Expungement, or highly limited public access to records of your arrest or conviction, can also be a useful tool for clients concerned about the effect of a criminal record on future employment prospects.

Our experience with the resolution of serious criminal charges on favorable terms means that you won’t have to face the power of the state alone, and that we will find and present the facts and legal rules that favor your position.

For a free consultation about our ability to provide effective client service in your particular situation, contact a skilled criminal defense lawyer at the Rochester law firm of Doda & McGeeney.