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Vigorous Defense Against Domestic Violence Charges

Domestic violence charges can be filed against anyone living in a home who is accused of harming or threatening to harm another person in the home. It can be husband against wife, adult against child, child against adult (including elderly adults) or one unmarried person against another.

While it is wise to protect family members against harm by other family members, not all domestic violence charges are what they seem. You can be charged with domestic violence without ever touching the other person. Charges can be leveled against you for ulterior reasons, such as obtaining advantage in a custody fight.

Effective Defense For Southeastern Minnesota

Domestic violence charges have two dimensions: civil and criminal. The civil part likely involves restraining order charges that lead to a temporary order of protection preventing contact of any kind with the other party. The criminal part is usually an assault charge.

If you are charged with this crime, you already know what the repercussions may be. You may be evicted from your home. You may be kept from seeing your own children. You may lose your Second Amendment rights. Your reputation and career may suffer accordingly.

All of these reasons should motivate you to work with the most experienced, most knowledgeable domestic violence attorney you can find. And you should do it now, because your rights are already in grave jeopardy.

Domestic violence charges can start a cycle of loss. Defend yourself with experienced counsel. Call criminal defense lawyer James McGeeney of Doda McGeeney in Rochester, 507-218-2399, for a free initial consultation.