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Defending Victims Of The War Against Drugs

The war on drugs started in the 1970s. The chief casualties of this war have been people caught purchasing or selling small quantities. Even simple offenses like possession of pot can lead to felony charges and prison time.

We have ruined the lives of tens of thousands of young people in this war.

Don’t Let Your Loved One Be The Next Casualty

At Doda & McGeeney, we are committed to providing vigorous representation for young people charged with drug crimes. We address charges involving:

  • Possession of controlled substances
  • Possession with intent to sell/deliver
  • Trafficking and distribution
  • Manufacturing and transporting
  • Doctor shopping
  • Prescription pill offenses, including Vicodin and OxyContin
  • Synthetic drugs
  • Drug-free zones

We also represent people charged with driving under the influence of drugs (DUI), including prescribed medicines.

Experienced Defense For Olmsted County And Rochester, Minnesota

Drug charges are brought at both the state and federal levels. Attorney James McGeeney has helped hundreds of clients obtain the best possible outcomes in their drug cases, including dismissal, plea bargaining to lesser offenses and diversion programs.

Doda & McGeeney provides the elements you need in a sound defense — knowledge of the law, trial experience, and the determination and tenacity to fight every inch of the way for your rights.

If you or a family member has been charged with a drug crime, do not talk to police. Call drug defense lawyer Jim McGeeney at 507-218-2399 immediately. Every hour counts in mounting an effective defense.

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