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Protecting The Rights Of People Charged With Sex Crimes

Conviction on a sex charge may be the worst criminal conviction, because you will likely be placed on a sex offender registry. Nothing is more humiliating or so destructive to career, family and relationships.

These are some of the offenses we defend against in Olmsted County and southeast Minnesota:

  • Rape, statutory rape, sexual battery and sexual assault
  • Computer sex crimes, including pornography involving minors
  • Traveling to meet a minor
  • Lewd and lascivious molestation
  • Child molestation
  • Prostitution and solicitation
  • Harassment by sexting

A common defensive strategy in a sex crime case is to show that the evidence is inconclusive. Many charges are built on “he said/she said” circumstances. Vile accusations are sometimes made out of spite. Sometimes offenses occur, but the person charged with the crime is not the person who committed it.

Asserting Your Rights Every Step Of The Way

Sex crime defenses fight an uphill battle. Juries can be quick to convict people when the crime is unsavory. That’s why you need a trial-tested defense lawyer like James McGeeney to see you through and to protect your rights at every stage.

Defense attorney James McGeeney’s great resource is his knowledge of Minnesota statutes and how the courts have interpreted them in thousands of cases. If there is a case that sheds light on the charges against you, he will use it to your advantage.

Do not be discouraged. Charges can be dismissed entirely. Serious charges can be reduced to minor charges. We will work to protect your reputation and to do everything possible to prevent your registration as an offender. You will be treated with respect and consideration.

To discuss the charges against you and to map out an effective strategy against them, contact Doda McGeeney in Rochester at 507-218-2399.