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Serious Defense Against Theft And Fraud Charges

Four Facts About Theft

  1. Theft happens when property changes hands without authorization.
  2. The stolen item may be money, property, a vehicle, merchandise or services.
  3. The accused must have intended to steal the property. Threat, violence or deception may have played a role.
  4. If you come into possession of property that you know is stolen, that is another form of theft.

Many people, especially young people, get into trouble for property crimes. Property crimes range from petty theft and shoplifting to more serious theft — stealing a car or other valuable property. The dollar value of the stolen property distinguishes petty theft from grand theft.

There is white collar theft, such as embezzlement. And there is fraud — theft by misrepresentation.

Experience For The Greater Rochester, Minnesota, Area

The criminal defense lawyers at Doda McGeeney are experienced and successful in representing clients against every kind of theft and fraud charge:

  • Shoplifting and possession of shoplifting gear
  • Receiving stolen property
  • Embezzlement
  • Identity and credit card theft
  • Mail theft and mail fraud
  • Employee theft
  • Stolen and counterfeit checks
  • Bad checks
  • Theft by swindle

Many property crimes, like credit card theft and mail theft, stretch across state lines or into cyberspace. James McGeeney will defend you in state or federal court against these charges.

For serious defense against serious criminal charges, call attorney Jim McGeeney at Doda McGeeney of Rochester, 507-218-2399.